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Water80 Ecological Technologies, Ltd. is a pioneering manufacturer specializing in water ionization. We are an enterprise rooted in research, manufacturing, and service, excelling in two key domains: water purification systems and cutting-edge water quality monitoring software solutions. Our mission is to enhance people's well-being and elevate their quality of life through our technologies and services. As the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and primary wholesaler of ionized microcluster alkaline water purification systems, we take pride in our innovative products.

Based in Vancouver, BC, we are a proud member of the Water Quality Association. Our company represents the combined expertise of principal partners/shareholders from three prominent water purification system OEMs. Collectively, we have been manufacturing a diverse range of water filters and purification systems since 1992. By harnessing the power of our advanced, patent-pending water filtration technology, Water80 was established to swiftly deliver the latest advancements to consumers and empower them with the most valuable asset: good health.

We specialize in crafting residential and commercial ionized microcluster alkaline water filtration systems. These systems not only provide pristine, filtered water but also have the potential to aid in combatting various chronic diseases. Our water filtration system stands as a top-tier water purifier and the next generation of water ionizers, requiring no external power source. For comprehensive information about our products and technologies, please explore the corresponding sections on our platform.


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